Update to Axure + Protonotes script

In a previous post, I discussed a script that I wrote to insert text into the <HEAD> tags off all HTML files in a directory.  The intention was to allow users of Axure prototypes to insert a Protonotes script and be able to annotate pages in their prototype, similar to the functionality of Protoshare.

I have updated the script once again to Version 3.  Two new features were added: first, you can now ignore HTML files that end with “start.html”.  These files are generated by the new Axure 5.5, and they contain frames, which can make the Protonotes tool difficult to work with.  Second, the script can now be minimized to the system tray, where it will run in the background.  While running, it will monitor it’s current directory for changes to the HTML files, and reinsert the script if it detects new or changed HTML files.  In this way, users can keep recreating Axure prototypes without having to run the Insert script again.

Download Version 1.3 here.

Download Version 1.31 (additional debugging support) here

  • Thomas Link

    Great idea. I can’t get the script running except when started from the downloads folder…

    Do I have to have special permissions?

  • Josh

    Are you trying to run the script from a shared drive? .NET restricts default access to non-local files, so if you are trying to modify HTML files on a networked drive, it probably won’t work unless you change your .NET security settings in the control panel. If you could provide me with some of the warnings and/or error messages you are seeing, I may be able to debug further.

    – Josh

  • http://www.pixelyzed.com Stéphane Bergeron

    Hi Josh,

    Great script but I can’t run version 3 (1.3) either. I tried on my main Vista machine and on an XP Pro machine as well. On Vista the error simply says “Header Replace” has stopped working and provides no other useful info. On XP it creates a crash error report. I can’t copy the detailed error report but there’s a shorter error message on the main dialog that goes like this. Maybe it can help:

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : headinsert_v13.exe P2 :
    P3 : 4989f1ea P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 471ebc5b P7 : 1ba
    P8 : 36 P9 : system.argumentoutofrange

    FWIW, version 2 (1.2) seems to work fine but I’m using Axure 5.5 and would need the new functionality in 1.3.

    In any case, thank you VERY much for providing this great script to the community.

  • Josh

    Hi Stéphane. I’m not sure what might be causing your issue, but I added a little more debugging support in a new file (Version 1.31). You may want to try running that to see if there are any additional error messages. It would be particularly useful if you could run it from the command line (Run->cmd), as there may be extra debugging information available at the DOS prompt.

  • http://www.pixelyzed.com Stéphane Bergeron

    Hi again!

    Whatever you added seems to have fixed the issue for me. HeadInsert 1.31 works perfectly now and I just added Protonotes to my current project with several wireframe pages and over 30 user flows pages. The insert takes less than a second. Great job and thanks again!

  • http://www.pietrodesiato.com Pietro Desiato


    I am trying it with my prototypes and is working really well. I also think this could be a good tool to use other JS too!


  • Yaniv Nord

    Hi – I am having trouble running this script because I think it’s not recognizing the file directory. Can you give an example of how the directory string should be formatted for windows xp? I’ve tried the following but it’s not working: file:///C:/Users/yanivn/Documents/My%20Axure%20RP%20Prototypes/mssbux_alt/

  • http://www.joshuamorse.com Josh

    @Yaniv Nord

    Hi Yaniv,

    You should be able to just place the executable inside your prototype directory and run it. You shouldn’t need to enter your full file path anywhere.

  • http://www.snsconsulting.de Klaus Martin Meyer

    A tool for Mac OS X would be great. I would love to use Protonotes on my Mac as well… :-)

  • Paul Coombs


    Great tool. Thanks for updating it for files ending in start.html. However I am using v1.31 and it appears to be inserting the snippet inside the tag.



    var groupnumber=”XXXXXXXXX”;

    Any chance of a fix!


    @Klaus Martin Meyer

    Is there any way you could make it work on a MAC?

  • http://www.joshuamorse.com Josh

    Hi Paul. I will give it a look. What version of Axure are you using?

  • http://www.joshuamorse.com Josh

    The tool was written with C#, so it would have to be rewritten for a Mac. Since I don’t have a Mac, I’m afraid I won’t be rewriting it.

  • Paul


    Axure 6.5 Beta. Axure creates frame elements index.html, start.html and chm_start.html

    If it helps here is the tag from an actual content page

    New Page 1

  • Paul

    Ah! WP has stripped the HTML!