About Me

My name is Josh Morse, and I currently live in Broomfield, CO, where I work remotely.  I am the User Experience Manager at RightScale, a leading provider of cloud-computing management.  For those who are not familiar with user experience, I try to improve the experience that users have when using RightScale on the web. While I am responsible for leading a team of UX and UI designers, I also do the work of a user experience designer, researcher, and analyst. This means that I design prototypes and interfaces, carry out user research, and manage the web analytics for our products. If you are interested, Wikipedia has a section on user experience design and web analytics with a number of useful links.

My background spans Bachelors degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Computer Science at Hope College, and a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan School of Information.  While I have fairly diverse interests, this also serves to show that just about any background can lead you to a career in user experience design. I also have an interest in teaching, particularly in technology instruction.

As you may imagine, I’m quite interested in emerging technologies and tools, particularly those related to the mobile space. As previously mentioned, I’m also very interested in data analytics, and I’ve been implementing Google Tag Manager in addition to setting up reports using Google Analytics and our BI database.  I am also a gamer, particularly of board and card games.  If you want a taste of the types of games I play, look at the Top 50 list at Board Game Geek.  Finally, I enjoy the outdoors, even when there are three feet of snow.  Depending on the season, you may find me biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, or snowshoeing.