3 tips on designing an effective e-commerce checkout

Of the many different types of websites, none has received as much scrutiny as e-commerce, a category where ROI can be measured more easily than any other. And in e-commerce sites, the most studied area is the checkout, a multi-step process where users often fall off before completing their purchase. In my own research attempts,[…]

Internet User Experience Conference Summary

Just a quick summary on the IUE 1009 conference.  First, it is a local conference for Southeast Michigan, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some quality speakers present.  As Dan Klyn pointed out, Ann Arbor can be seen as the birthplace of modern IA (check out his slides for more info). I did do some[…]

Axure & Protonotes: an alternative to Protoshare

Update 2/27/09: Updated the HeadInsert script again to Version 1.3.  Read about the changes here. Update 1/21/09: Added new version of HeadInsert which can ignore certain HTML files. Do a Google search on Axure vs. Protoshare vs. iRise and you may find sponsored links from each of these products explaining why they are the best.[…]