doGooder – CHI 2008 Project

Date of project:

  • September 2007 – April 1008


  • I invested my free time to work with a team of students from SI 682: User Interface Design class, participating in the project on my own time.
  • We interviewed a variety of homeless service providers, volunteers, and people experiencing homelessness.
  • We conducted literature research, then compiled our data in an affinity digramto identify major issues with homelessness.
  • We used personas and scenarios to further flesh out our ideas .
  • We built a lo-fidelity paper prototype of doGooder, followed by a high-fi prototype in Adobe Flex.
  • We then conducted user testing with several users to improve our prototype .
  • We submitted a paper on doGooder to the CHI 2008 Student Design Competition, which was accepted.
  • We presented a poster at the CHI 2008 conference, and advanced as one of the 4 finalists.
  • We presented our team’s project to a panel of judges, and our team took 2nd place at the competition.


  • This project was very interesting, particularly in light of my CHI project for this class the previous year. As our team had several first-semester students, I was able to serve as a mentor, sharing my previous CHI experience. Our team was very well balanced, and I participated in all group meetings and projects. While I contributed low-fidelity designs done in Illustrator, I did not build our high-fidelity prototype, as I am not versed in Adobe Flex, and one of our team members was. I did write our entire first paper submission draft, and served as lead editor for the paper. I worked with other team members to help design the poster, though another team member served as the lead do to her background in graphic design. After we were accepted as a finalist, I took the lead in designing our presentation, which I presented to the judges in a 10 minute session.