Nintendo DS Study

Date of project:

  • September 2007 – December 2007


  • This evaluation was a semester long project for SI 689: Computer Supported Cooperative Work, taught by Gary Olson.
  • Our team of five evaluated the Nintendo DS portable gaming system in terms of its collaborative features.
  • We first researched literature on the Nintendo DS and mobile gaming in general in sources that varied from online forums to the ACM digital library.
  • We carried out interviews with seven current DS users.
  • We then conducted a comparitive evaluation of competing mobile gaming platforms.
  • We performed a heuristic evaluation of several DS games to prepare for our usability study.
  • We developed a complex multiplayer usability study where we measured 3 binary variables, including use experience, user visibility (can see vs. can’t see opponent), and cooperative vs. competitive play.
  • For the study, I created a tutorial video on playing the Nintendo DS.
  • Our results were put into a final report and presented to our class.


  • This project was another good test in my leadership skills, as I again fell into the roll of project manager for most of our tasks. I was present as the coordinator for all of our usability tests, and I wrote and edited a significant amount of our final report. As I am interested in gaming as a hobby, the project was of particular interest to me, and I would hope to be able to build upon my findings at some future date. I also was able to play around with iMovie as I developed the tutorial video.