Profcast Evaluation

Date of project:

  • January 2007 – April 2007


  • This evaluation was a semester long project for SI 622: Evaluation of Systems and Services.
  • Our team of five evaluated the ProfCast lecture recording software for Dave Chmura at Humble Daisy, a small software development company.
  • We first drew a GTN diagram of ProfCast.
  • Then we created scenarios and personas to run evaluation test cases.
  • We conducted a comparative evaluation of similar products, such as Techsmith’s Camtasia.
  • We distributed a survey to all our users and compiled the results.
  • We performed a heuristic evaluation of ProfCast using Neilson’s 10 heuristics.
  • We performed several formal user tests and documented our results.
  • We gave a presentation to our class and our client.


  • This was the major project of my second semester. I learned a number of hands-on usability testing methods. I also worked with a real client, and I was happy to learn that many of our recommendations were incorporated into a future version of ProfCast. Our team was well balanced, and I contributed to all of our deliverables and artifacts, though I played a particularly strong role as a report editor. I also designed the mockups for our GUI recommendations. I was very proud of our final results, and proud that it earned me my first A+ at SI.