Professional Projects – RightScale

Here, you can find examples of my work from over 6 years of work at RightScale. Click on an individual project title to learn more.

Instance Provisioner design

An update to a collection of pages that were more than 6 years old. A mid-fidelity prototype was developed and used to gather internal and external feedback. Extensive information architecture was undertaken due to the technical complexity of provisioning requirements across different clouds.

S3 Image 3

Amazon uses a variety of cloud services, such as S3, RDS, and ELB. This project involved the creation of a new UI framework in order to allow users to manage their Amazon assets from within RightScale’s Cloud Management platform. I created wireframes, then a mid-fidelity prototype which was used to conduct user research. After some additional iteration, the project was launched.

Widgets Dashboard initial release

This early redesign was on of my first RightScale projects in 2010. Users did not find the Dashboard page to be useful, so we created a new concept, the Dashboard Widget, to give users more flexibility.

CM Dashboard new header & sidebar

In 2014, we decided to update the RightScale Cloud Management Dashboard with newer, more accurate graphs and data and a cleaner visual presentation. We interviewed users, wireframed, and created design comps based on the data users most needed.

New Support Modal

Our customers and support team reported the need for a support modal in all of our products. This required careful work across both departments and engineering teams.

Customer Interview Tracker

Designed and coded entirely by me as part of a one-day hackathon for internal product team use. A small application to record product team customer interviews. Creates a Confluence page which is linked to relevant Salesforce record(s) and Jira ticket(s).