Professional Projects – Enlighten

Below, you can sample several of the projects I worked on as a an information architect with Enlighten. Deliverables include wireframes, user flows, functional specifications, usability testing scripts and reports, competitive analyses, and more.

MGA Entertainment – My ePets
Shortly after the site launched, I joined the team. My role involved maintenance and upgrades, including new games and features. This project was particularly interesting as the main audience was young children. As a result, we focused on the use of imagery and icons and minimal text.

Kao Brands is a holding company for a variety of woman’s consumer goods, including Ban, Jergens, and John Frieda. I designed wireframes and specifications for their corporate site redesign. This was the first project that I did with Axure RP, and it had a limited budget, so I had to make sure that I maximized my productivity while at the same time creating Axure templates that could be used in the future.

Before and After screenshots.

Wolverine World Wide –

This was a fairly small project, where I was tasked with creating a checkout process that was usable and increased checkout completion rates (we did not work on the rest of the site). I investigated a number of competing sites and researched e-commerce best practices. I then created wireframes and an interactive prototype to similate the full checkout. Analytics data showed a significant increase in the clickthrough rate after our updated checkout went live.

Before and After screenshots.

SSDC homepage

This was my first site that used a Content Management System. I developed procedures to use Axure RP to document the CMS techical specifications as well as functional specifications. I also developed a working prototype to internally test an important survey with branching logic.

Before and After screenshots.

Richmond American Homes

A full redesign of the Homes website. Project included information architecture, user research (interviews and surveys), and a full design refresh. I developed wireframes, functional specifications, and a small prototype.


(Enlighten Project Overview)

I provided wireframes and interactions for a Flash-based tool which allowed users to upload an image of their room and overlay it with blinds.

For this project, we began by coming up with a name for an entirely new company specializing in home interior design. Then, we created a site complete from scratch, starting with the information architecture, then the page design.

Internal project – Axure RP
While I have worked on several web projects for a variety of clients, I have also worked on several internal projects for Enlighten. As a new employee, I pushed for a re-evaluation of our existing IA software tools and practices. After researching available options, we adopted Axure RP, and I took the lead on developing procedures, creating templates, and writing documentation to support a whole new approach to our IA process at enlighten.Check out our Internet User Experience 2009 conference presentation on the Axure adoption process.