Great deal on Tablet PCs

April 14, 2009

I don’t plan to post a lot of deals here (I would refer people to Slickdeals and Fatwallet for that), but as I just took advantage of this deal, I thought I would share with other folks that might be interested in Tablet PCs.

Dell has always had good deals on its refurbished outlet items (50% off), and currently they have a Spring Clearance Sale running with a 20% coupon (CPP1002XWDHXDK), allowing users to get the Latitude XT and new Latitude XT2 for 60% off the retail price. Depending on the models available, that could mean an XT2 for $1,031, or an XT (Core Solo) for $575 (though I would go with the Core Duo for  a little extra).

I have an XT, and it’s a little slow, but certainly faster than a netbook, many of which are going for $400-$500. Add in the LED, 12 inch, WXGA screen with capacitive, multi-finger touch, and you have a nice little machine that weighs under 4 lbs. It’s also one of just a few tablets that has true multi-touch, will should be an integral part of Windows 7.