New theme and more

This site has been dormant for a while, but I’m finally ready to breath some new life into it. So what has changed?

First, I’ve picked a new responsive theme. Not only does this help me avoid Google’s new penalty for sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, but it looks cleaner and more modern (my previous theme was selected almost 10 years ago when I first set this site up).

Second, I’ve updated my resume, particularly the PDF version with a few of my more recent activities and a new design.

Third, and least visibly, the site is now hosted statically on S3 rather than the previous managed hosting. This saves me about $8/month in hosting, and gives me better uptime and more reliable performance. It was also an interesting activity for me, and I plan to write a future blog post about the process.

So I’m returning to write for the web. Hopefully I’ll have some new content soon!